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Control Systems
Control Systems
as1 - control system for asphalt and concrete plants
as1 - order planning and vehicle pool management
as1 - modern workplace design
Control systems based on Microsoft technology

Maximising productivity is the main challenge in today's economic environment. This is why innovative control technology has become a decisive competitive factor in the processing of building materials. In addition to affecting productivity, it also has significant impact on material quality and plant availability.


Process technology tried and tested around the world coupled with optimised control technology and a future-oriented information technology platform (as1) are the mainstays of everyday work with Ammann products. Close collaboration between our software department engineers and process specialists has resulted in the creation of a platform that enables the user to easily master sophisticated process technology.


In addition to the technological core of the process, our platform is also able to support other business processes when extended with modules such as order management, production planning or quality assurance. Our platforms are subject to constant further development to provide you with modern solutions that meet your current needs at all times.