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Ammann International Training Centre AITC in Nové Město nad Metují
15. February 2011

Regular inspections and necessary repairs to machines call for a close relationship between the customer and the customer service engineer. Comprehensive training measures for customer service engineers are therefore very important. The training courses available at the plant facilities in Nové Město nad Metují have now been consolidated.


Three different types of training course are available. First, there is the basic training course during which participants are informed of the entire range of Ammann compaction machines. This training course is suitable for the engineers of a new retailer or for new customer service engineers of existing partners. During the advanced training course the engineers become acquainted with the details of each model, the electrical components, the hydraulic circuits and the main mechanical components. These courses place a particular emphasis on the hands-on part that is carried out on the machines. Finally, there is the special training course for operators and retailers‘ technicians, as well as training courses for special equipment.


The training course programme will be developed further and continuously improved.