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Ho Chi Minh City: A long journey for the first Ammann plant in Vietnam
15. April 2010

The surface area is similar to that of Germany, although its shape is very unusual: Vietnam is 1650 km long but only 50 km wide at its narrowest point. That is why it is also known as the "bamboo rod with two rice bowls". Less than one third of Vietnam's 210,000 km of roads have an asphalt blacktop; it is no wonder that many villages get cut off from the outside world year after year due to impassable roads. The BMT Construction Transportation Company will be able to tackle the problem efficiently in the future: the company and its 300 employees are working hard at improving the country's infrastructure.


A second north-south connection is currently under construction; many sections of the new road follow the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail. After its completion the road will measure an incredible 1,690 kilometres and connect the capital Hanoi with Ho Chi Minh City. BMT is a road construction full-liner and paves the asphalt itself. From now on the company will produce the asphalt mix it needs with a Uniglobe – the first ever Ammann asphalt mixing plant in Vietnam. BMT chose Vietnam's largest city, still familiar to many as Sàigòn, as the location for its "workhorse" with its large power reserves. The city was renamed Ho Chi Minh City in 1976 after North and South Vietnam were reunited.