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"World Record" in Engter Harbour
06. November 2009

Ammann has erected one of the most modern asphalt mixing plants in record-breaking time: the plant was set up in the harbour of Engter in North Germany in cooperation with construction company Johann Bunte. Helmut Renze, technical managing director at Bunte, even dares to speak of a "world record". After all, the entire project took a mere three months from placing the order to full production readiness.

It is the fourth Ammann mixing plant the family-run business has purchased; it is 38 metres high and has an outstanding maximum mixing output capacity of 400 tonnes per hour. The most striking feature of the Universal Next Generation plant is the new concept for conditioning recycled asphalt. As the asphalt granulate doesn't have any contact with the burner flame the plant is capable of gently heating up to 240 tonnes per hour. The system has an innovative process gas drying and heating unit that works according to the counter-flow principle and was first introduced at the Bauma 2007. It is highly effective at producing asphalt base layers made of 100% recycled material (reclaimed asphalt); the second plant of this type is now at work in Engter.


"Erecting mixing plants is no longer out of the ordinary for us", sums up Helmut Renze, technical managing director of the Bunte Group. "However, one cannot emphasise enough just how fast this plant was erected." Renze's favourite term in this context is "world record". For a construction company - which is what Bunte is first and foremost - to have its own in-house asphalt production facility has proved its worth. "Being able to offer everything from one source makes us particularly effective", says Renze. The new plant will produce asphalt predominantly for up-and-coming, large-scale projects in the Osnabrück region.