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Two new Ammann ARP 35 for Volker Stevin Materieel
17. September 2012



Dutch construction equipment supplier Volker Stevin Materieel has invested in two new Ammann ARP 35 rollers for its subsidiary KWS Infra. This new model from Ammann is unique in the marketplace. It is namely now possible to compact substrate up to a width of 190 cm thanks to the 110 cm drums and pivot steering. Pivot steering allows the driver to drive the roller into the smallest corners without damaging the asphalt through friction and cut marks. After a demonstration and a trial period lasting a few days the drivers did not need long to reach a decision. The machine with a weight of 3,500 kg is smooth and easy to operate, compact and clearly laid out.

A few minor adaptations were requested during the presentation. Ammann documented and implemented them immediately with the effect that the machine is now 100% compliant with the drivers‘ needs and wants. The machines were shipped from the factory in the well-known KWS colours: blue with an orange stripe. Ammann machinery dealer Wynmalen en Hausmann recently handed over the machines to Volker Stevin Materieel.

Photos: Machine driver Erwin Suiker is very pleased that the new ARP 35 handles so well.