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Tomtom vehicle equipment – Efficient vehicle utilisation with as1 vehicle pool planning
18. February 2010

Where are the trucks? What are they doing? Are other vehicle resources available? Order schedulers face these issues constantly and need to be able to provide information and react at short notice. The Ammann as1 vehicle pool planning system in combination with Tomtom vehicle equipment is the ideal tool to master the task during fast-paced everyday work.


The Tomtom devices are completely integrated in the as1 solution: Transport orders are issued to the vehicles via data transfer, and in return their current location and activity is reported back to the headquarters. The as1 vehicle planning system displays the data and quickly informs the scheduler of early and delayed deliveries, current vehicle activity, geographical position and the available vehicle pool capacity.


Technical data

  • Vehicle pool planning is a module of the as1 product range
  • It can be combined with as1 or AS2000plus order scheduling
  • Special map material for trucks (weight limits, etc.)
  • Ammann is a distribution partner for Tomtom Woks products


Benefits at a glance

  • Demonstrable cost savings thanks to optimised vehicle pool utilisation
  • High customer satisfaction thanks to punctual concrete delivery
  • High transparency with regard to the production and transport of building materials