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Ammann tandem vibration roller AV 85-2 with ACE delivers best results
05. October 2011

A particularly precise installation method and appropriate know-how are essential prerequisites for working with NOA (Noise-Optimised Asphalt). And not every roller is suitable for compacting such a thin-layered blacktop. The tandem vibration roller AV 85-2 equipped with the Ammann Compaction Expert ACE delivered impressive results on a test stretch during trials on behalf of the German city of Ulm.


The 600 m long NOA trial stretch placed high demands on the binder course and top surface. A static roller and the many passes it needs to make were ruled out by a tight time frame and the addition of wax to the binding agent. The top surface can only be compacted during two or three passes at a distance of just 30 to 40 metres behind the asphalt paver. And this is exactly where the Ammann tandem vibration roller AV 85-2 ACE with its electronic control system proved itself to be the best by far on the trial stretch.


ACE technology fits the bill 
Ammann Compaction Expert ACE allows the effective amplitude of the vertical compaction energy transferred to the substrate to be regulated between 0 and 100 per cent either by hand or automatically. The frequency can also be adapted to suit the conditions on the construction site. Ammann rollers are the only machines to offer this kind of combination. Ammann employs this form of intelligent compaction and measurement not only in the tandem vibration roller AV 85-2 but also in modified versions in single-drum rollers and hydraulic vibratory plates. Meanwhile, the noise development perceived by residents close to the trial stretch on the Berliner Ring in Ulm has fallen significantly.