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Online Spare Parts Business
12. April 2012

In the last edition of the customer magazine we introduced you to the new spare parts service in Langenthal and the distribution centre in Dortmund. Ammann has meanwhile launched a new online platform and an Internet portal with an electronic shop and catalogue system which are now available to our sales partners worldwide.


The main advantage of the electronic catalogue system is the quick and easy identification of spare parts. The Ammann catalogue has a tree structure that enables navigation by product group, machine model and serial number range down to individual parts. Users can also search directly by spare part number; the system displays a corresponding exploded view within seconds depicting the machine in which the spare part is used.
The catalogue’s product structure also includes links to PDF documents specific to the machine, such as operating instructions, printed spare parts catalogues and spare part recommendations. The product groups have the same structure as those on the marketing platform PictureParc. This platform will remain available for sales information ( brochures, photos, presentations ). Information specific to after - sales will be transferred completely to the online platform in the near future. The platform currently comprises 700 interactive spare parts catalogues and around 2,600 PDF documents. Ammann will continuously expand the available information.

Communication with Ammann ERP in real time
The online platform offers numerous other advantages through a direct connection to Ammann’s ERP system. For instance : technical notes or information on replaced article numbers are displayed as soon as the corresponding items are selected. This reduces incorrect orders and queries to a minimum. Furthermore, sales partners can check the availability of around 25,000 articles actively managed by the Spare Parts Service at any time.
Other benefits include the display of shipping costs in dependence on the shipment weight, the destination and the delivery date at the time the order is placed as well as an order tracking option. Order processing is a very efficient process as users can fill the shopping basket by directly entering the spare part numbers from the electronic catalogue or via an upload function.

Electronic catalogue also available to Ammann customers
Access to the electronic spare parts catalogue is now also available to Ammann customers; they can also benefit from the advantages of the electronic catalogue system with its search fields and interactive functionality. Login details are available via a registration section on the Ammann homepage .

Ammann’s sales partners and customers alike stand to benefit from faster and easier identification and order processing, larger ordering slots and shorter processing and delivery times for spare parts thanks to the interplay between the Spare Parts Service in Langenthal as a central point of contact, the distribution centre in Dortmund and the new online platform.


"A very good innovation"
“The online platform enabled us to significantly improve our spare parts service as we can check prices and availability with just a few clicks in the portal. Order transfers have also become more reliable as orders can no longer get stuck in the fax machine.
The electronic product catalogue is another very good innovation from Ammann. The images of spare parts are very clear and exact. Another good function is the option to open a shopping basket directly in the catalogue that can be converted directly into an order.”

David Bangerter, Rohrer - Marti AG, Switzerland



"Simple identification"
“The new Internet platform offers a wealth of information. Identifying spare parts is quick and easy, as is downloading service manuals and direct order placement and tracking.
Searching by serial numbers sometimes produces ambiguous results and could be improved. Future extensions should include an option for our customers to fill a shopping basket that we can adopt in our ERP system via a text file and convert it directly into an order.”

Tinne Ooms, Luyckx N.V., Belgium



"We can save time"
“We can save time thanks to the online platform as the tool enables us to directly query prices and availability and track orders. Generating an order is very easy.
The note appended to certain articles concerning new material numbers or technical details are also very helpful.”

Javier Cardona, Neumac S.A., Spain