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First Ammann Ice Hockey Cup
08. November 2012

The new ice hockey season has just started and Ammann decided to organize the 1st hockey tournament for non-registered players. The Ammann Cup 2012 for our partners and with an international participation took place on the 27th October 2012 in Nové Město nad Metují, Czech Republic.

The tournament was participated by the local team of Ammann Group from Nové Město nad Metují Ammann CZ, by Strabag CZ as a team of an Ammann partner, by HC Rychnov, a team of a nearby city, and finally by a combined team of Finish and Swedish players from the company Cramo Group.

The first part of the tournament opened the teams of Ammann CZ and HC Rychnov, followed by Cramo vs. Strabag CZ. After a quite careful beginning in the first series of the matches, when the teams learned about the other’s strengths and weaknesses, the serious battle started in the second series of matches. The tension between the teams was noticeable straight from the beginning. Since this was the first year of the competition every team had the same motivation to win for the first time and that drive them to peak performances. After an exhausting day full of fun the most successful team won with 3 victories and no loss – the Cramo team from Finland/Sweden.

After the end of the tournament and awarding the winning team, the best goalkeeper, forward, defender and the oldest player of the tournament, the participants met in the visitor center of the Primator Brewery and celebrated this very successful event in a relaxed atmosphere.

The final ranking:
1. Cramo    
2. HC Rychnov    
3. Strabag CZ    
4. Ammann CZ