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Sophisticated test procedures for demanding tasks

Prototypes in development and compaction products ready for market must all fulfil the strictest quality requirements before delivery. Ammann checks every machine from ...

Ammann tandem vibration roller AV 85-2 with ACE delivers best results

A particularly precise installation method and appropriate know-how are essential prerequisites for working with NOA (Noise-Optimised Asphalt). And not every roller is ...

Continuous mixing plants from Ammann are advancing

A few years ago Ammann began to incorporate continuous asphalt mixing plants in its product range and to develop them further. With success, as examples from France ...

Ammann rollers working at great heights

The reason why Ammann compaction machines are at work around the world under the toughest conditions has long been a well-known fact: modern construction equipment from ...

Three-shaft technology
Ammann compaction technology guarantees high quality

It is a tortuous mountain road in a hillside location permanently exposed to the threat of landslides and one that has often shown signs of subsidence in the past: the ...

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