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    APF 1850 Honda
General technical data     
Operating width  mm  500
Surface area output  m²  0.20
Specific bearing pressure  da N/cm²  0.90
Operating weight  kg  100
Driving properties     
Climbing ability  30
Advance speed max.  m/min  20
Max. tilt  °  20
Vibratory force adjustable to  da N  1800
Vibratory frequency adjustable to  Hz  85
Max. compaction depth  cm  20
Manufacturer    Honda
Fuel type    Petrol
Type / Model    GX 160
Output (DIN9249)  kW  3.7
Output (DIN9249)  PS  5.0
at engine speed  1/min  3200
Special accessories     
Transport trolley    x
Low-vibration guide handle    x
Vulkollan plate    x
Water sprinkling    x
Water tank capacity  10
Forward moving vibratory plate