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Versatile compactor for asphalt layers

Heavy tandem rollers with a rigid frame and split drums apply optimum compaction energy to asphalt surfaces even in tight spots.

The AV 70-2, AV 85-2, AV 95-2 and AV 115-2 tandem rollers from Ammann deliver outstanding compaction results on asphalt mixes as well as on sand, gravel and processed soils. Vibratory rollers are at home on medium and large road building jobs (motorways, main roads, airfields) and construction site surfaces (industrial areas, etc.). The design of the models AV 70-2, AV 85-2, AV 95-2 and AV 115-2 is based on a rigid frame and two roller body axles that allow crab-steering offset of up to 1293 mm (1340 mm). Split drums enable a small turning radius and prevent surface cracking in tight curves. An individually adjustable seat provides the operator with an ideal view of edge and surface of each drum. The driver can choose from tree different steering options to control the front or rear drum or both drums simultaneously. Amplitude and frequency adjustable over two levels guarantee best compaction results. Combination rollers AV 70-2 K, AV 85-2 K, AV 95-2 K and AV 115-2K combine the advantages of vibratory rollers and pneumatic tyre rollers. The steel drum provides high, dynamic compaction energy, whilst the rubber tyres seal the surface evenly.


ACE Ammann Compaction Expert including IR Thermometer

ACE is a system for automatic compaction measurement and regulation through stepless amplitude and frequency adjustment. Also available with a digital printer as an optional extra.

By using an IR Thermometer ACE takes also the asphalt temperature into consideration to reach best compaction quality.

Fingertip Steering - Master of Ergonomic Control Systems

Finger Tip Steering is the unique way to achieve an ergonomically ideal position during the working process. The comfortable seat is equiped with two integrated control units: the multifunction drive lever on the right and fingertip steering on the left. This features allows the driver an ideal view of the drum's edges and surface. The driver can choose between three settings: front drum, rear drum and both drums simultaneously. An LCD display shows the steering position and angle of the drums.

Operator benefit: the driver maintains an ideal seated position and can slide the seat sideways and pivot around 170°. Precise compaction along the edge in crab mode. Less fatigue and longer, high-quality work intervals.



  • Open driver's platform with railing and protection against vandalism
  • Canopy Roof (attached to ROPS)
  • Air conditioning
  • 360° warning beacon
  • Reversing alarm
  • Additional working light
  • Italo Kit (reversing alarm, warning beacon, licence sticker)
  • Edge cutter on both sides, diagonal (AV 115-2)
  • Chip spreader with optional equipment
  • Infrared thermometer
  • ACE Ammann Compaction Expert including IR Thermometer
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Toolbox
  • Biologically degradable hydraulic oil


  • CE conform standard (including ROPS, noise reduction kit)
  • Heated and ventilated cab
  • Adjustable rotating and sliding seat with integrated fingertip steering and multifunction drive lever
  • 2 vibratory drums - 2 vibration settings
  • Split drums
  • Limited-slip differential ATC - not available for combination rollers
  • Crab steering 1293 (1340) mm on both sides
  • Integrated tow-away-function (hydraulic hand-pump for emergencies)
  • Halogen work lamps
  • Maintenance kit

Drums (efficient compaction)

  • Split drums for optimum manoeuvrability
  • Preset frequencies and amplitudes for all common asphalt layers
  • Homogenous asphalt compaction (through ideal Nijboer factor values)
  • Reliable water sprinkler system

Panorama cab

  • Spacious cabin with two doors
  • 170° rotating seat can slide across the entire cab width
  • All major operating elements are arranged within easy reach or integrated into the seat
  • Optimum view of drum surface and edges even at night

Traction control

  • Smooth start/stop function
  • Stepless speed adjustment
  • Transverse differential lock/axle differential lock
  • 3 steering options (front drum, rear drum, both drums imultaneously). Crab steering is possible with all three settings.
  • An LCD display informs the driver of steering type, the turning angle of the drums, the frequency, vehicle speed and engine speed