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Product description

The boom mounted compactors RAV developed by Rammax complement the range of compaction machines of the Ammann Group. The compactors are easy to fit to any excavator arm by means of fast-coupling systems for a hydraulic, form-fitting connection within seconds.

Trench, hillside and slope compaction are just a few of the many applications for a range of add-on compactors. These machines enable optimum utilisation of excavator capacity and offer potential for greater efficiency.  The rotating motor makes easy work of surface compaction in narrow work spaces in inner city areas and development projects.

ACA 350 /R/RE

ACA 350 has a simple oil circuit with just two connections and are therefore excellent for adaption to mini excavators. Both designs are available as R and RE with a rotating motor and two alternative design lengths. These designs enable compaction alongside pipes in trenches or in extremely confined areas. Both models stand out due to a high compaction output despite compact design.

ACA 750-/ 1000/2A/2M

The device variants 2A and 2M makes it possible for the first time to use various compaction forces in one add on compactor. The impact force on the 2A variant can be switched directly from the drivers cab on the excavator. The excavator needs to be equiped with hammer-scissor tubing for this purpose. The variant 2M is designed as an alternative for excavators equiped with hammer tubing only. The impact switch on this variant is located directly on the add-on compactor.


Boom-mounted compactors are equipped with a universal adapter plate and a hydraulic connection terminal.

Adaption mechanisms for all popular, fully-automatic, semi-automatic or mechanical coupling systems are available as optional extras. These options guarantee time-saving work progress on the construction site.

Fields of application

  • Pipeline construction
  • Slope and hillside compaction
  • Confined work spaces, manhole compaction
  • Structure backfill work